Comment: i wish Palin really was

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i wish Palin really was

i wish Palin really was libertarian. i honestly don't know what she is. she can go along with kissinger and then say ron paul is o.k. occasionally. just like glen beck.

these people are weird creatures, going with the new world order just enough to have the presstitues care what they're doing, and then....

yeah, i'm not sure it's even controlled opposition. Maybe there aren't enough people that will sell out. people like richard beltzer is coming out and speaking against the illuminatti on the alex jones show while christopher walken wants to talk about cooking.

As Alex Jones says, Reality is over the top.

It's just like the Cathars were hoping for some of the kingdoms of spain to help defend their land, but realizing at the time that their friends were too weak to help and had to think of preserving their own skin.