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Comment: I just saw an article on

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I just saw an article on

I just saw an article on Tampa Bay Online that says that, according to the organizers, they are now expecting 2,000 people.

Wait...only 2,000 are expected???

Wouldn't that HAVE to mean that less than two thousand tickets were sold in advance?

I ask you all...the drama that the past 6 months of Paul Fest has brought...the constant in-fighting between the organizing committee, the mean-spirited smearing that was the bulk of the promotional strategy, the attacks on Ron Paul's campaign, the lies about the RNC, the added tension put between the Paul campaign and the RNC, the money bombs, the finances invested in this party as opposed to the delegates, the damage done to the unity of this movement at this CRITICAL moment...was it really worth doing it for 2,000 people, especially when they knew all along that they hadn't sold more tickets?