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Libertarian Party

People sometimes try to convince me that I'm wasting my time working within the system through the Libertarian Party because "we can't win."

Now that the GOP PTB have this authority, what do you bet they'll use it, and often? If you alienate all your delegates and members by leaving them out of the battle (because as we know too well, there are factions within the GOP battling for control), and imposing on them, what can they do when they are relegated to subjects instead of members? How do you get this genie back in the bottle?

I've always known that it was just a matter of time until one of the dominant parties self-destructed from within. If it isn't the GOP, Obama may get the blame for what's coming, and it'll be the Democrats. In the meantime, I'm happy to be providing alternative candidates, and keeping the fire of liberty burning through the LP, "the party of principle."

I'm thrilled at the headway the movement has made in the GOP, and hopeful there will be some justice out of all our hard work, and I admire those who can continue the battle from within it.

What do you think?