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Then your enemy has a target.

I humbly disagree, for all organizations can be targeted co-copted and redirected to fail.

Militas: Co-opted
Tea Party: Co-Opted
Occupy!: Co-opted

Just look at the one organization, about as non-statist as you can get, that we all believed in: Ron Paul 2012

The opposition will always send in a mole(s) to spy and then redirect any organization when that organization starts to threaten the power base.

What do think the CIA has been doing all over the world to regimes who do not fall in line with the plans of global elite? They send in moles and foment war and regime change. Now that's the Big Time Co-Opt Action going on on the planet.

Know your enemy and do not project your intentions. This is impossible in an "organization". I have come to the conclusion that organizations with leaders, action committees and a paper trail can and will be co-opted, and that only by gathering a general consensus on goals, and then decentralized, independent action toward those goals is the only way to prevail against entrenched power.

TPTB will be overwhelmed with reactive action, not proactive prevention.

That is how we win in the long game.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle