Comment: Any lawyers on Daily Paul?

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Any lawyers on Daily Paul?

I've asked this before, and every time I ask it's due to a result of our gov't taking more steps to shut us out and control us. So with this new move from Romney, I will ask again...
It says in the Deceleration of Independence, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO OVERTURN GOV'T. How do we do this?
if i needed #'s to show in court, would you all come? I mean all of you.
I think that if they (Romney lawyers) can do what they just did and have been doing all thru this so called election, then it is time to stop complaining, stop just talking, we need action. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
Are any of you lawyers?? We need help now. Romney just pulled this new power grab and no one stopped him, just imagine the power grabs that will happen when he is the president of the united states. What a presidency he is setting up for himself, he can do anything he wants because he doesnt' even have to worry about getting re-elected in the 2016 election. All he has to do is rig the primaries like he did so well this election and 2016 is his too. if this is so, that means we have no say in much of anything and now you have the people fearing the Gov't = TYRANNY. The Romney delegates are not standing up for the constitution either. This is scary now and we need to stop this. Can anyone out there help?