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Comment: Forgetting the facts makes his statement false

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Forgetting the facts makes his statement false

Mr. Skousen has his eyes closed on this one. Ron Paul's strength now and in the future is with the young people. Even though Ron is retiring he will continue to speak to the young people and build the numbers. Let's say we take back the party and the OLD GUARD leave and start their own party. Their new party will be filled with older americans and the old party will now consist of the younger generation, or the future of this country. The young people will not gravitate to the new party and therefore that party will die as the participants die off and are not being replaced. Their new party will fall under the same rules as all third parties with regards to getting ballot access. Most of the current third parties will join the old Republican Party leaving the new party out on an island by themselves much like most third parties. Regardless of what the party thinks, the days of the old guard are numbered. Long live the Revolution!!!!