Comment: I am not pleased

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I am not pleased

Let me preface this by saying that I voted for Dr. Paul for POTUS in 1988 and have worked hard since 2007 to get him elected president. With that said, I think he would have been a very poor president. Sure his political philosophy is correct but his executive skills almost nonexistent. He doesn't seem to understand how to manage people as evidences by him allowing an underling to publish racist slurs in his newsletter and his allowing Mr. Benton to have anything to do with his 2012 campaign.

I just read that the "Paul campaign" gave its okay to the NRC to help Romney many months ago and has stated that he (Paul)would reject any nomination from the floor. So Ron Paul tricked us all into believing that he was "in it to win it" when in fact that was a lie. I wish he would have leveled with us from the start.

If I were a delegate to Tampa, I would try to organize a mass walk-out just as Romney was taking the stage to accept the nomination. There is zero to lose at this point in so doing and that is about the ONLY way the Ron Paul delegates can now make a statement and force the media to cover what the NRC and the tyrant Romney did.

Ron Paul is now no longer relevant. What is relevant is the necessary efforts by the liberty branch of the GOP to continue the take-over of the party and the purging of the RINOS.