Comment: We should invalidate the 'Sore Loser Law' immediately.

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We should invalidate the 'Sore Loser Law' immediately.

It seems to me like it only serves to penalize we the people. This law sounds absolutely ridiculous and limits the people's choice. Who cares if a candidate decides to run 3rd party if he's not nominated by the duopoly (except for the duopoly)? If people don't like a 3rd party candidate who wasn't nominated, they won't vote for him, it's that simple, so why the restriction exists is beyond me. It is the people's decision, not the party leadership's and they're using our tax money so we absolutely have a right to have a say in what they do. Perhaps we can start a petition, but I feel like this law should be repealed asap. I'm not a lawyer, but I could do some research into how many numbers we'd need to do this with and perhaps others can help out as well with such information or can explain to me why this law is beneficial in any way.