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Comment: This is a ILLEGAL act. See "Voting Rights Act of 1965"

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This is a ILLEGAL act. See "Voting Rights Act of 1965"

So in reality the DULY elected delegates of Maine are still the true delegates of Maine.

See Section 2. There is a general prohibition on voting discrimination--"prohibiting any voting practice of procedure that has a discriminatory result". See also the 1982 amendment. Also, the RNC did not get a written "clearance" from the Department of Justice to pass this discriminatory rule. So the rule or rules that discriminate and rob Ron Paul of his duly elected delegates is ILLEGAL. Tell them. Get a lawyer to site this law to them when you nominate Ron Paul one hour before. Or get a student lawyer to do it.

Example: If the RNC passed a rule saying they could steal the wallet of every delegate that shows up at the convention, is that legal ? NO !