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I read this. It sounds good,

I read this. It sounds good, however there are some things I thought of right away. If I can think of them then the corrupt will also think of them and then some. For example, I can tell you that they won't be recorded the entire time. There will be breaks in the recordings and they'll never admit they stopped recording, and come up with some slanted justification of why the breaks are there. Also, they could just throw in extra chips. How does it stop people from putting in more than 1 chip and how does it stop people from faking a dead person and dropping a chip in for them?
Out loud and in the open counting is the only solid way. Each person is accountable once and if they have the wrong candidate attached to the wrong person, they will know right away. It's the most honest and less room for error way. And it does not take a lot of time to count them either. I've seen some of the largest delegate conventions count out loud and it was sometimes faster than the ones that counted by machine.
I would like to start something. I live in Illinois so I probably won't get far, but if it can catch on in other states, that alone might be worth it.