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Comment: May 2001, Dick Cheney, Vice president, was the 1st civilian

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May 2001, Dick Cheney, Vice president, was the 1st civilian

to be placed in charge of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). It is NORAD that scrambles fighter jets to hi-jacked or off coarse plans. Jets were successfully scrambled 64 times in the 12 months preceding 9/11
This man was at the very top of the chain of command while the POTUS was out of the way on 9/11.
During the horror of 911 Mr Cheney failed on ALL counts while he was in charge of NORAD from the Presidential Bunker, planes weren't immediately scrambled, then scrambled too late, sent up to Canada, out to sea, anywhere except where they were supposed to be.
Leaving out the glaring question of whether or not this was deliberate, he should have been put on trial for causing so many deaths because the chain of command collapsed under his leadership.
If you are not scared of be dragged to a mental hospital, indefinitely detained, brain-washed and drugged, you can goggle this information.