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The Point

First, that would not be equivalent. That would be a much bigger gaffe, since Obama is the current president and nobody would even have a reason to ask that question in the first place.

Second, my point is not about gaffes being equivalent. My point is that every PR, media, and presidential campaign has people making mistakes and mis-communication. Every organization has moments where they do not communicate effectively either internally or externally. What defines a group is not whether they make mistakes, but how they handle it when a member of the organization does make a mistake. Nobody and no organization is perfect, but that does not make the person or the organization worthless, a mole, or a waste of time.

I am fighting this perception that just because Benton has made mistakes or people under Benton have made mistakes that he is somehow our "enemy" now. I am fighting the idea that everything that goes wrong in the Liberty movement is somehow orchestrated by outside forces. I am fighting the bad management principle that a person should be fired simply for making a mistake. These are stupid and ignorant things to say and it hurts our cause when people act in stupid and ignorant ways.

Benton is and has been an invaluable ally. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, things go wrong. There are things we can do better and things the Paul campaign could have done better, but mistakes made by the campaign are not the work of outside forces conspiring. They are simply mistakes. Anyone with management experience will tell you that everyone makes mistakes and firing someone for making a mistake is not a good practice if you want to retain talented people in your organization. There are times where one should fire someone for making a mistake, but it is impossible to judge from outside of the organization because we lack the crucial information about how the mistake came to be in the first place.