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Comment: I was at my committee meeting

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I was at my committee meeting

Was a long meeting, but a good meeting. I really enjoy my meetings.

We have a liberty candidate running for congress, Dan Roberts, who I will be helping, focusing my attention on him, rather than the pug they have endorsed for senate, Emken. No one talked about Romney, though the chair brought a little baggy with a few Romney stickers.. most didn't take one.. once Vice Chair said, "If it said Romney Ryan I might be interested, but I don't want a Romney sticker". I took two Romney stickers. Of course neither will replace my Ron Paul rEVOLution sticker (it does not say for president, so I'm not campaigning, just making a political statement).

We discussed our Nov strategy, tabling, fundraising, headquarters, meet and greet, candidate training.

We went through the last CA GOP convention (Aug 10th) propsitions and voted on ten of them, which we rejected the state on two/ possibly three, as we could not come to a consensus and the chair declined to vote.. so that left it open.

I do not agree with this article, as I see how the other Ron Paul Republican (who was appointed a seat yesterday) and I, have great influence on our committee. We are both armed, informed, willing to debate and it's like a one-two punch..awesome.

This committee seat, I believe for both of us, both former Libertarians.. matter of fact, at one point, one of the guests brought up that the other RP GOP brother is registered a Libertarian. All it showed us is that we are being vetted (as they are searching for dirt on us) We don't have any.. and at the end of the meeting, the same person admitted that the committee was far more enjoyable, interesting and even more exciting as it had been in decades, and even went to for as to knock some of the neocons who were mission in action. We are winning.

I believe we are going to see many more Ron Paul like campaigns because the hundreds of people who followed Ron Paul into the GOP are strong voices, not afraid of controversy or needing to be liked.. we like ourselves and we really like each other.. we are independent yet united by Ron Paul's message, so we don't lean on each other but stand tall holding his message up, and since they don't have a message, just GOP platform.. I think we have a great future in the GOP. I think Ron Paul was RIGHT ON, I think Rand Paul is awesome.. has helped to swing the tea party more our way than neocons compromises