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With all due respect, you

With all due respect, you missed my point! It's not just the leader, and they do not always betray. It's the spy(s) in your midst who gains your trust, for the sole purpose of subverting your goals, that will destroy the organization. We must stop seeking the security of the organization around us and act as individuals.

Have faith in yourself, believe that individal action can work, pick an action that suits you, be it writing or video making or blogging or use their tactics by becoming a mole yourself in an organization that is not liberty based (school board, city council?)but needs to rethink it's philosophy. You gently insert yourself and gain trust and quietly co-opt them with your message of Liberty.

It is what Ron Paul has suggested we do to the GOP, and the GOP is reacting as the WHIGS did in the 1800s. Look around, do you see any WHIGS? They imploded due to the power grabs and corruption within the party. And I believe the GOP will too. They have now created rules that go against their stated purpose and mission and now must change the preamble to the GOP rules for their new rules are in direct opposition to their stated purpose. (I LMAO reading that!) We are winning the battle of ideas if they must go to this extent in an attempt to stop us. But truth is power and force is weak.

These are the actions that over time will prevail in the bigger picture when you have truth and freedom on your side.

Most important, pick an action and DO something!

Forever in Freedom!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle