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History calls this WINNING!

Yes, Ron Paul suggested we infiltrate the GOP with our Liberty message, and at first glance it would appear to have not worked, a failure! But consider the patient and far-sighted man who suggested this action. One of two out comes could have come from this.

1. The GOP wakes up and realizes they have lost their way and embraces the Liberty Movement and real change occurs. or

2. The GOP reacts and lies, cheats and changes the entire structure of the organization to stop us.

The GOP chose door #2. to their ultimate demise.

Ron Paul knows history and the GOP is reacting as the WHIGS did in the 1800s. Look around, do you see any WHIGS? They imploded due to the power grabs and corruption within the party. And I believe the GOP will too. They have now created rules that go against their stated purpose and mission and now must change the preamble to the GOP rules because their new rules are in direct opposition to their stated purpose. Oh my what a pickle! (I LMAO reading that!) We are winning the battle of ideas if they must go to this extent in an attempt to stop us.

But truth is power and force is weak. They cannot stop an idea who's time has come. And we will keep coming.

Forever in Freedom!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle