Comment: what a mess--

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what a mess--

these young people who are interviewed are very intelligent-appearing.

I think those who support Johnson should have their own site, though--

some of *us* can't support Johnson for personal reasons; I am very uneasy with how he divorced his wife, etc.

(She was not physically strong enough to keep up with him and his active lifestyle, but it was not learned until after her untimely heart attack that she had an undiagnosed heart disease)--

I can't see Dr. Paul approving of that either; when Carol was sick, he stood by her and got her well--


it's a personal reason; not everything about a candidate is about policy/political stand--

I am also not convinced that he is anti-war. He may talk the talk, but he hasn't had enough time for his walk to be observed--

And then/now, after his wife's tragic, possibly preventable death . . . he has a 'companion'--

that's fine for the guy next door; it's not fine for the Commander and Chief--

it hasn't been fine for anyone else either--all the adulterers and perverted men who have filled the chair of POTUS have never had my approbation--

the one thing I can say about the hateful Romney is that he has had only one wife and been, apparently, faithful to her--

but Ron Paul has had a longer marriage!!!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--