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his personal life is not exemplary--

I am not sure what reasons he gave for divorcing his wife (though one of his supporters on here a few weeks ago claimed that she did not have enough stamina to help him in his career)--

but she died not long after the divorce of an undiagnosed heart problem--

Unless he is thoroughly dishonest he probably has some regrets--

but the fact is that if his judgement (not asking himself if his wife needed help) was poor his "heart" certainly did not show courage or compassion towards his wife--

Gary Johnson supporters ignore this. One on DP claimed that a man/woman's personal life had no bearing on his public actions; I thought that was rather lame--

apparently, Johnson has a 'companion' now--

so, would she be the 'first companion'--


I don't believe the government should have any say in marriage, and I do know some people who have been "married" for decades in the 'common law' way--

but Gary Johnson actually did marry a wife and divorce her, before discovering the joys of a 'companion'--

I don't see how any of that would help him be a better president, and he certainly doesn't measure up to Ron Paul, or even the despised Mitt Romney--

it's sad, really--

and the fact that he appears to have no 'shame' about it--

if he were merely a private citizen and hadn't pushed himself forward, I have would NO business bringing it up--

but he thinks he can lead a nation when he did what he did?

I say "no"--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--