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this is a clumsy attempt at a personal attack--

you obviously didn't read my entire post before you lost your temper.

I hate Mitt Romney, which is a strong word for me--

I do not trust him; I do not regard him; I will never vote for him. I have been voting for Ron Paul since 1988--

and I listened to him years before that--

I will not vote for Mitt Romney, because he has been married to only one wife--

I am telling the truth about Johnson; he disregarded the health of his wife--

that is not an 'unnatural and disgusting moral obligation to monogamy'--

that is my observation that his behavior with regards to his first wife shows poor judgement. I made it clear that in non-public life I have no prejudice towards/against those who do not marry, but how they treat their 'companion' does matter--

if a man disregards his wife, how can he care about the well-being of the smallest and weakest in the nation he leads.

It is obvious that you have already condemned me, and I hope your outburst helped you to release some negative emotion.


All I said was that in the area of personal life, Mitt Romney showed greater fidelity; you can't refute that--

like Dr. Paul when his wife (Romney's) got sick, he got help for her--

that doesn't mean I will vote for Romney; I never will--

and once a man walks onto the public stage his personal life will be in plain view--

Most of the immoral presidents committed their most horrific acts of infidelity after becoming POTUS--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--