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There are Ron Paul supporters who are bound Romney delegates in at least Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Virginia. There are a few other states as well. Now, I am very aware that many or most of these individuals are planning to follow the rules. I know, as you have said, that the Massachusetts delegates are all going to follow the rules. But the fact remains that people in the online Ron Paul community are talking nonstop about how they're trying to get delegates to break the binding rules. They talk about having delegates vote their conscience instead of according to the binding. They sued the RNC to try to get them to state that all delegates were unbound. They're trying to convert bound delegates as we speak.

If people accept the existence of binding and follow the spirit of those rules, they don't try to make bound delegates break those rules. If you say that you are not part of this subgroup in the movement, then great. I was referring to "you" in the general sense and I apologize if I have accused you of something that you personally do not advocate. There are many people, though, that are advocating this very thing, and it is wrong. I could find a dozen threads about it in a matter of minutes. It is the very reason there's backlash going on right now. The Palin analogy I gave is exactly what is happening. The people who are involved in this are encouraging Ron Paul supporters and other delegates to do something they would consider massive cheating if they were in the opposite situation. If you reject these current efforts by some supporters, then the analogy would not apply to you personally.

Romney has nearly 1400 bound delegates. So the only possible way he will not win on the first ballot is if delegates ignore the binding rules. Any efforts at this point to force a brokered convention are either explicitly or implicitly encouraging delegates to break binding rules.