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it was a Johnson supporter on DP who told *me* . . .

(anyone who was reading) that that was why he divorced her--

The heart condition was not diagnosed, true.

I don't think the Johnson supporter said it in such a 'bald' way, but he/she made the point that his lifestyle was too arduous for her--

it is on here from a Johnson supporter that I got that--

from experiences in my own family and from friends I know that health problems in a spouse can cause serious stress to a marriage. It does matter how a spouse responds--

and in this case Johnson's choices are not just personal; his character in this situation can follow him to public office--

I don't have it anymore, but I did read an article about how he regretted her death--

since it occurred very shortly after the divorce--

to me it still matters--

and to many it may--

but if people think that Ron Paul doesn't have a chance . . . what chance does Gary Johnson have? He's a dark horse, a newcomer--

and his position on war and torture seems wobbly to me--

But, back to his wife, I know from experiences close to my family that often those with undiagnosed heart problems suffer from fatigue, anxiety, and depression, all things that cause serious strain on marriages--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--