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What has GJ done or said that indicates he refuses to see the value and importance of protecting the life of an unborn child?

The reason I ask, is because this is exactly what has been said about Dr. Paul, so I'm confused as to why you would support Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul's position is that the President is not in charge of abortion. Murder is a state matter.

I, personally, think women do a better job of protecting the unborn than politicians in Congress will ever do, so, from a moral perspective, I'm fine putting the spiritual and moral consequences on the individuals involved, especially since the voters can't seem to come to a consensus as they have with murder, rape, theft, assault, and other crimes. If we each looked out for those around us, we could be saving lives.

I'm sure Gary knows enough about the Constitution to realize he doesn't have the power to legislate or judge people on this issue.

Abortion is the issue people bring up when they want to divide people, and when they do, they often exaggerate and twist the truth. I would be interested in some facts and logic. If your statement, above, were true, GJ would probably be in jail or other institution, already.

What do you think?