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Reason is a magazine, website, and organization, and as such, has no brain, no emotion, and can't "hate on Paul supporters."

Paul "became legion" with my help (I'm a member of the LP), and with the help of many libertarians (party members or not).

The Lib party can't get traction for all the same reasons Ron Paul hasn't been nominated by the GOP: media owned by the banks and the statists, collusion by the system to exclude and ignore our rights, and laws written by Democrats and Republicans to quash opposition to their authority, using dirty tricks and having no principles. You ought to understand that.

Ron Paul got traction within the LP. "We," the party, were the first to nominate him for president.

It's your imagination that has you think that Kokesh and GJ are coming after you like gnats, when it's obvious they're going after the statists and other powers-that-be.

What do you think?