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People like you are one of

People like you are one of the big reasons movements like these take so long to gain any traction, as you're more likely to eat one of your own than that of a rival. So you and I don't agree with Rand one hundred percent, who does? I don't agree with Ron one hundred percent, but both he and Rand are sure a lot closer than most of the rest out there are. Try to be a vacuum and get the closest closer to you instead of blowing everyone out that doesn't fit your cookie cutter ideological world view.

I just don't get it. Rand is so much better than just about everyone else in the Senate and yet half of us spend much more time crushing him on odd stuff when most of the rest of the Senate do or don't do the same things we're irate over him with and yet also have none of the many positives he brings to the table. And we wonder why we lose so often??