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This post is misleading

Did Jessie Benton convince all the people NOT to show up too? The attendence was beyond poor. And the organizers have only themselves to blame.

From early on their customers let the organizers know of their dissatisfaction with the program. From the first failed money bomb attempts, the organizers should have made adjustments to the program that fit the customers desires and needs.

But instead, the organizers claimed we were 'dividers' and forged ahead with their own agenda, as if they were the 'leader of the grassroots'. Well, the market is always smarter than any one person. The organizers deliberately decided not to listen to the market, and they got burned.

While I have no affection for Jessie Benton, I do find it funny that the same people (organizers & others) that were calling for Jesse to be fired, or hanged, or worse, are now mad because Jesse struck back. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction....

Next time ask yourselves WWRPD, What would Ron Paul do? Maybe then you will learn to treat people with a bit more respect, dignity and class, even when you dont like them....