Comment: Great Ron Paul Speech, wife

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Great Ron Paul Speech, wife

Great Ron Paul Speech, wife was not to happy about missing some of the broncos game or the fact it was our anniversary! I have some azz-kissin to do now:)

I will remain a republican and involved in the gop, but i will be holding the gop est/romney campaign/rnc accountable for their lying,cheating and stealing toward the delegates,ron paul,gary johnson and all the ron paul republicans!!!!

I will be supporting Gary Johnson 2012 over Obamney! I pray that Ron Paul joins tickets with Gary Johnson somehow someway.

Johnson/Paul or Paul/Johnson 2012 Legalize Freedom.

I pray that Ron Paul is the gop nominee. If the gop does not nominate Ron Paul. The gop will elect obama by default. Romney is Obama! ps for the record republicans can stay republicans and not vote romney!

Ron Paul 2016