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Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for y'alls support! As our fearless bearded leader (though he wouldn't call himself anyone's leader) posted below (jblosser), this was a spur of the moment thing conceptualized on Saturday, and put into action by Sunday morning through a lot of dedicated efforts by people in our group. We're having to hand make them currently using iron-ons, but due to the out-pouring of support and interest in the shirts, we will try to screen them in the near future and offer them for sale. We've even had some "establishment" (for lack of a better word) people come up to us wanting one. So, we're having to drive hours all around Tampa looking for t-shirts and iron-ons transfers!

FYI - we had a Texas delegate meeting this morning, and the entire Texas delegations is vehemently against the rule changes, and we plan on fighting this on the floor if necessary. Will post more shortly.

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