Comment: Gary Johnson can win-Paul People must vote for Johnson

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Gary Johnson can win-Paul People must vote for Johnson

If all the Paul people get on board and vote for Gary Johnson, there will be a good chance he will win. Traditionally everyone will come out and vote in a Presidential election. If all of us come out and vote for Johnson, considering our number, we will make a major impact on this election. A three way split is not a bad thing. We need to ensure he stays on all the ballots. Don't let the crooks get away with this.

We who support Ron Paul and are republicans, must speak up against the corruption exhibited by our party this week. Romney is not the legal candidate according to the national party rules. The rules are there to be followed, not changed. This is an example of how dirty the leaders are who run the party. There is no integrity, just corruption. I suggest everyone start by joining their local committee. Through gaining placement within we can start to make changes. It takes time. We have the next four years to gain control. It won't happen overnight.

Speak up now, or forever hold your piece.