Comment: Tear down the RNC

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Tear down the RNC

Tear down the RNC in order to build something new and better. Rarely does change come without catastrophe .. the meteoric rise of Neocon extremism grew from 9/11 for instance after having been fermented by PNAC. We need another "9/11" on the republican party in order for the mindset of freedom and liberty to go mainstream. These shenanigans prove that the current 'leaders' of the republican party have lost their way and the more they fight the more the cause of liberty will be furthered. I spent money donating to Paul not because I thought he would win...that was never going to happen as long as there is tyranny... it was all about waking people up from their slumber. Why? Only a real revolution by the majority (or substantial minority) of people will change the path we are on. And the path to revolution is founded in anarchy born out of frustration and hopelessness. The youth are carrying the flame now and will be taking the Old out of GOP. It is up the the rest of us to shield that flame from propaganda and lies born from the knowledge of having experienced the power of such weapons of mass delusion.