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Comment: Romney is NOT the nominee, he's a criminal!

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Romney is NOT the nominee, he's a criminal!

I am astonished that no one has asked this question, yet... How can Mitt Romney be lobbying for all of these rule changes if hes NOT the nominee? He's just another guy in the race until the delegates decide who's the nominee. Who or what gave him the power and authority to decree these rule changes, delegate disqualifications, rescheduling of the convention and so forth?

It boggles my mind knowing that not only is the rest of the Republican Party members not outraged by this, but that they are allowing these acts of fraud, coersion, intimidation and lies to continue!

Romney has committed the following crimes (that I know of)...correct any of them, if you notice an error.

1) Rigged votes via diebold machine hacking, ballot stuffing, hired brutality at local and state conventions. False arrests for "trespassing".
2) In Wisconsin, He and Paul Ryan sponsor a sub lunch for votes...crime
3) Hasn't paid taxes on millions in off-shore evasion
4) Perpetrator of an $8B ponzy scheme with his son...fraud
5) Disqualifies duly-elected delegates in: Maine, Massachusettes, Louisiana, Georgia and Arizona, too.
5.1) Reduces Ron Paul's plurality by seizing said delegates above.
5.2) Forces said delegates to vote for HIM or excludes them from the convention altogether. This is in direct conflict with what the RNC said about not recognizing state binding of delegates. "...each delegate is a free agent, and may vote their conscience..."
5.3) Petitioned the RNC to change the five state plurality rule to eight.
6) And this is the biggest one, in my opinion, but the change in the primary/caucus process by having to apply via the RNC to become a delegate?! Dafuq, man?!

When will this madness stop and/or come to a head? The MSM can only keep this locked down for so long before it starts bursting at the seams.

Please add anything I missed. Thanks!

"Give me liberty or give me death!"