Comment: I say let the Rule Pass!

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I say let the Rule Pass!

This new rule eliminates the need or even usefulness of Delegates. If Delegates are picked by the Party Leadership and not by the Party Members, then there is no reason to have delegates or even Elections for that matter.

Of what use is it to be a Republican (Representative form of Government) if one is deprived of Representation? It's an oxymoron!

The Republican Party has just sealed its fate. My prediction is that the Democrats (Mob Rule) and the Republicans (Elite Rule) will join forces before the 2016 Elections. They will have to in order to counter the growing number of Libertarians and Independents who just can't stomach another 4 years of Elite Mob Rule, aka Lesser of Two Evils.

The D's and R's will not, they cannot, stop f'ing the American over. Once they lose power, they will lose EVERYTHING.