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Virginia's delegation to the

Virginia's delegation to the RNC was 'delayed' from reaching the convention floor to oppose the proposed rules changes until after the vote had taken place. Further, at least one delegate was told he didn't have the proper credentials to be allowed in the building to vote.

Statement: "We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the delay of the Virginia delegation's arrival to the Republican National Convention. While it is possible the delay is attributable to human error, the timing of the delay has led many to suspect ulterior motives. our request, which I believe is being met, is that the Rules Committee be reconvened to allow a full and fair discussion of the contested issues. If an open vote is allowed on the contested issues, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. The Romney campaign has been informed of the intensity of our feeling on this matter, and I trust they will act accordingly." - Gary Byler, 2nd Congressional District GOP Chairman

More information forthcoming.