Comment: Dr. Paul has been fighting

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Dr. Paul has been fighting

Dr. Paul has been fighting for our freedoms for over 30 years; even in the face of ridicule and probably threats too. That man is braver than anybody I know personally. I truly believe he wanted the delegates to engage in civil disobedience but I don't think the delegates quite understood what type he was talking about. He never tells people what to do. In the 1960s, there was a lot of civil disobedience going on and it brought a lot of change. The delegates did what they thought they could but probably underestimated how nasty this status quo establishment is. Had they grouped together and sat down in the middle of the convention floor or laid down and waited to be dragged out, now that would've been huge! Dr. Paul has always said he agrees with civil disobedience but that those who do it must accept the consequences of it. I was hoping to see civil disobedience because the RNC had been showing it's colors over the weekend and the delegates could've continued to ride on that wave of sympathy towards them.