Comment: Libertarian Party Needs to Give It Up

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Libertarian Party Needs to Give It Up

The first presidential vote I ever cast was for Ed Clark, the LP candidate back in 1980. His campaign book, "A New Beginning," was a monumental book for me. His chapters on Education, Social Security, and the Military-Industrial Complex were superb.

But since then, the LP has only provided Ron Paul as a decent candidate in 1988. After 1988, it has all been down hill.

Clark still has more votes than any other candidate (986,000). With the good showing in 1980, even some MSM pundits thought the party had a chance at the White House in 2000. Heh!

The LP should have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Even with a full blown economic or foreign policy crisis in this country (which we may have shortly), people still would not support the party. With a number of strange anarchists and atheists in the LP, broad support from the public simply isn't possible. And as someone mentioned above, the short-sightedness, petty fighting, and purity tests within the party ensure that it will always be a non-factor.

LP members, face it - the party is over, and has been for a long time. Why do you have to keep being reminded?

R Harris