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He's always been cagey on that question and there must be something there. See, I think there's been a few different strategies floating out there within the camp and they have to be careful so as not to telegraph their moves and suffer being blocked.

Now, Wead has stated a few times that Dr. Paul wouldn't run 3rd party due to Sore Loser Laws and he wouldn't be on the ballot in every state. This may not be true, but it may have been said to throw the RNC off the track. If it IS true, perhaps Dr. Paul is considering running with Gary Johnson. I hope and pray Dr. Paul will be in the WH somehow after November. If not, I think he's going to get a little rest -- maybe a year getting his thoughts together, spending time with the family, and some biking -- then he will be "born again hard."

More books, more speaking engagements, and more spreading of the message of Liberty. Mitt will be in his 2nd dismal year and people will be ready to listen then.