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Comment: I bought the website:

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I bought the website:

...virtueandexcellence(dot)com...right after his speech ended!

That's what I'll be doing now ... keep an eye on it in the coming months ... hopefully, eventually, I can travel a bit and come to your town, do a presentation, fire you up again and help AWAKEN some folks in your neighborhood/communites to our nation's FOUNDING principles that made us prosperous - the one's these hypocrites and lovers of money have twisted/poisoned/redefined/discarded/mocked/IGNORED!

They will not be bowing their heads in shame for what they have done to our posterity(their OWN children and grandchildren); but be comforted, it is only for a season...let's continue to DO RIGHT as long as we are free to do so!

Ron Paul did seek to add virtue and excellence in his personal and political life; and EVERYONE can see the Christian fruit of his sincere efforts! May that blessed man enjoy rest, and live in peace and enjoy his grandchildren - we KNOW what to do for our country - THANK YOU Dr. Paul, and THANK YOU DELEGATES!!!

My head is HIGH, onward we go...for GOOD!