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I'll do my best but when I'm

I'll do my best but when I'm done you will still be scratching your head...
the ME delegates won fair and square and overwhelmingly. I beleive at first the Romney campaign didn't want RP to be on the ballot so they picked ME, LA, OR, MA and started to strip delegates. Basically they had to come up with a reason so they just said it was an invalid convention and made up a bunch of reasons why that is so.
ME stuck together and refused to compromise. Some or all of the other states that RP had the plurality in compromised to seat some delegates but lost plurality. ME did not do this. in fact the Governor of ME fought for them too (he was NOT a Ron Paul supporter) but he saw right from wrong and fought. In the end the ME governor boycotted the Tampa convention because of this.
The ME delegates went (I believe as guests from the IA delegates!) and they continued to fight. But even though they were right, the Romney campaign refused to seat them. they did not want RP to have 5 states.
Turns out though that there were 6 states that nominated RP from the floor. Meaning at this time RP should have been on the ballot. But then the Romney campaign changed the rules just today or yesterday, saying sorry you need 8 states now, cause I said so...