Comment: When will y'all realize that these Zionist own your media..

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When will y'all realize that these Zionist own your media..

Do you all think this is an accident? I put Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionist in the same boat. These people, and I use the word people loosely, care about controlling reality for most of the American people. They own the News you watch on TV, the media, the books you are allowed to read, the Universities, and Oh yea, did I mention they own your money so why are any of you people surprised?

Wake up world, there is one group of criminals who want to enslave the entire world and most of you don't even know who they are. They own you, and your property and give you what rights they feel you can handle. They control your elections and demonize anyone who points a finger at them. They use words like racism and anti-semite to get most of you to coward down and not say anything. They have groups of people on call who go around the internet and spam sites who bring this sort of information to the American people's attention. The RNC and Democratic party is owned by Zionist who has but one plan for the American people and that is utter destruction and if you people don't wake up to this quickly you will watch your children being hauled off to camps never to come back.

No group of people, especially a group that only makes up 2-3 percent of this population should have this kind of control over everyone in this Country. Why won't you at least wise up to the fact that these Zionist have destroyed our way of life in this Country. When I say our, I mean both black and white and yellow all have been enslaved. This small group of criminals who have the ability to print money and buy up everything they want. Is it really that hard to see what is going on people? Or do you fear them so much that you just hope they will be satisfied and go away. It has never worked that way and it won't work that way now.

Tyranny by its very nature must get worse. It MUST get worse for tyranny to exist so what do many of you plan to do about this? Tell your neighbors and wake up all the people you can while we still have a chance to turn this thing around. God bless those good people from Maine.