Comment: So there was this pastor and a priest in a bar

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So there was this pastor and a priest in a bar

along with some other guys, one who was a Native American Indian, and also a few women, at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. They were duly elected delegates chosen to represent the state of Maine--- I'm sorry. Did I say "bar?" I meant "convention center." And oh, yeah. I forgot to mention, seven of them had served their country in the military. Veterans. So anyway, this guy from the National Republican Party Rules Committee points to them and says in a gruff voice, "You're Ron Paul supporters. We don't serve your kind here." So one of the delegates says, "States can choose whomever they want to represent them. We were chosen by the book, fair and square, by over twenty-five hundred fellow Republicans who participated in the caucuses. We have a right to be here." So the RNC guy says, "Who cares. Now get lost."

Get it?

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