Comment: Expose RINOs for what they are! They're not real Republicans!

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Expose RINOs for what they are! They're not real Republicans!

If any of our duly elected Delegates and Alternates have badges that will allow them access into the convention hall or even just beyond the doors outside, they should return every day with signs loudly proclaiming "Disenfranchised Maine Delegates!". Make up other kick ass signs to place all around themselves or carry, and sit in a group close to high traffic areas for all to see and to be interviewed by any and all media that wish to carry their story. This is tyranny in action but on a mild scale that needs to serve as "egg in the face" of the RNC and their goons who have strong-armed themselves onto the floor to cast illegitimate votes for a candidate that the party participants in Maine wished to support.
This is not the democratic process in action, it is hooliganism in action. It is not the action of Republicans but the action of RINOs that have taken over the party for decades. It is time to clean house of the Sununu's and RINO's in the party and that includes Gingrich, Santorum, Pawlenty, Huntsman, Cain, Giuliani, Huckabee and all others that refuse to side with the Constitution of our republic. It is quite clear for all to see now just who is on the side of fairness, principles, following the rules.
Those who did not stand with these Maine delegates also need to go. It is these people who have for decades blocked any reasonable changes to the party platform that would put it in greater compliance with our US Constitution.
MAKE A LOT OF NOTES, take a lot of pictures and videos, try to video any interviews with major media reporters and upload to Youtube so that their edits can be exposed.
Please try to go back as a group every day, with a clean game plan to garner coverage and to protest. Document your activities! Remain peaceful but tell your story. Video any hecklers and their nasty outbursts and get their names and where they are from to alert real Republicans back in their states. Do your own interviews of each other even, and edit them into one Youtube video for use against these RINOs.
We need to put together a documentary video of this whole process from start to finish for future use!

O U R P L A N = R O N P U A L (Coinsidence? I think not.)