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Comment: Send a message to the GOP, and move forward

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Send a message to the GOP, and move forward

We are still the same force we were before this convention started; A force to be reckoned with!

We warned the GOP to stop their shenanigans, but they refused. Now it's TIME we let them know we meant it. We owe them the clear message that the GOP won't be getting our votes come November.

This can only be done in one way!

We CANNOT vote Romney and certainly NOT for Obama, but only for a third party candidate. (I don’t care who it is, although I think we need to be united about it)

This will send the massage the GOP needs to learn, we will not be fxxcked with, and when you do we're out of your Republican Party.

It's doubtful our third party vote will win us the White House, but as the November election results are analyzed it will certainly be sending a very clear message to the GOP, 'You really screwed up'!

The Winds of Change!