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The only f*ucking Sellout is YOU

Ron Paul IS like that. If you see an interview from him he will not say "Oh they cheated, I could have won." They knew all along the fix was in. Then KNEW the GOP would not "LET HIM WIN". That's a direct quote. Ron Paul has never complained about how he has been treated and has only ever joked about it with a smile on his face. People have been terribly rude to him in interviews by asking questions like, "so Ron, what do you say to people who think your old and crazy and out of the mainstream?" Does Paul get angry or shout back? NO! He turns the question back at them by saying "what's crazy about the constitution".

YOU SPIT ON AND VIRTUALLY KNIFE one of our best Leaders in the liberty movement and the SON of Ron Paul because of your views on how to win this battle.

Why don't you go up to Ron Paul himself and say his son is a F*cking Sellout. NO? YOUR a F*cking COWARD behind a keyboard who will do nest to nothing for the liberty moment compared to Rand. Run for office! Make a difference. Stop knifing our own in the back!