Comment: As a fellow Texan and liberty

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As a fellow Texan and liberty

As a fellow Texan and liberty lover, I understand your frustration. The process has been co-opted by party bosses for a very long time. I really wouldn't blame this on age as much as media brain washing. You are correct in your assumption that the Fox news logo is permanently branded into the average republican voter's cerebral cortex and they use the internet for passing around rude emails about democrats, liberals and non-christians. They are like children who have confused patriotism and obedience. That's the way the bosses like it. What they don't want is free thinking folks that question the party line and threaten to upset their apple cart.
I was at the Texas convention in 2008 and 2012 and I can tell you great progress was made. A great Texas Ranger once said: "Nothing can stop a man who is in the right and keeps on a coming". It is now apparent that going into the Party and building effective coalitions will not be enough to effect change (although a lot of progress was made in that regard). We will need to overwhelm them with greater numbers than they can possibly deal with. And even then, we will be met again with dirty tricks, illegal rulings, and blunt force. We must fight them right back with truth and transparency by every legal means at our disposal. We must ensure that that the media covers the corruption we expose.
What will we do going forward? As for me, I will not be resigning my GOP membership, but I will not be supporting their presidential candidate either. If they want to put a sign in my yard fine, it will be "stolen" as soon as they leave. I will work for the down the ballot races for "Liberty" candidates. When I vote in November it will only be for those candidates who will fully support our cause.
The real question for me is will the USA be a constitutional republic in four more years. Right now, it is doubtful, so I will be preparing myself and my family for the looming crisis.