Comment: people hate infomercial calls

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people hate infomercial calls

i think when you call you should keep it very short like this.
"hello my name is (insert name here) i'm calling for the ron paul presidential campaign and i would like to know if we were to send you a free dvd and some literature about ron paul and his run for the presidency, would you take the time to look at it and watch the dvd? there is no obligation at all. all we want you to do is check out the information we mail to you and we are very confident that once you've checked this candidate out you will fall in love with his message of real freedom, and vote for this man. so would you be interested in receiving this free information kit? its completely free with no obligation".
if they say "sure, send it to me i'll check it out" you say
thats great just 2 more questions and i'll let you go, are you eligable to vote?and do you plan to vote?
if they say yes to both "ok thank you very much, your ron paul kit will be mailed to you very soon thank you and you have a very nice day " if they say yes i'm eligable but i'm not sure if i'm going to vote you could say "well when you look at this candidate we think you'll be be convinced that this man is worth voting for"
oh you might want to confirm their address from the phone book too. if 1000 of us did this and mailed out 20 or so kits each in their area thats 20,000 potential voters who might come. especially if your flyers include info on the straw poll. a map, and really tell people how much fun its going to be, with musicians food and beverages and thousands of cheering fans its a great saturday fun event.