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Comment: Help Ron Paul Chocolate Bars Send Chocolate (Love) Care Packages

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Help Ron Paul Chocolate Bars Send Chocolate (Love) Care Packages our delegates & alternates!

Ron Paul Chocolate Bars is helping to send Chocolate (Love) care packages to all fifty states grassroots Ron Paul groups As A "Thank You!" To All The Hard Work & Dedication of Ron Paul Delegates & Alternates.

We are compiling "Thank You Delegates & Alternates!" Care Packages Including Ron Paul Chocolate Bars. The bulk bars sent to the grassroots groups, delegates & alternates, can be used as grassroots & candidate fundraising tools.
It is true, WE are the future, & it is US who must keep this organic grassroots movement, awake & active. So send some Chocolate Love to the delegates & alternates to say THANK YOU! & encourage them to future activism for the cause of liberty. When the delegates & alternates return home from the RNC, they will receive care packages including Ron Paul Chocolate Bars, as a resounding "Thank You!" to lift their spirits & call them to continued action!

Send your "Thank You Delegates & Alternates!" packages of Ron Paul Chocolate Bars Here:

And Remember to write "Thank You" in your pay pal transaction to let us know that you want your Chocolate Bars to be shipped to our delegates & alternates!

And thank you for your dedication & energy for the cause of liberty- A noble & virtuous pursuit. Working together, we are seeing these ideas come to fruition!

P.S. Send a "Thank You!" care package to our delegates & alternates & give them a stellar tool for grassroots candidate fundraising in their area with Ron Paul Chocolate Bars.