Comment: It's a shame when a MSM anchor...

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It's a shame when a MSM anchor...

is more willing to stick up for a good man than his own son.

Don't you think that people would understand if Rand took up for his dad - just a LITTLE BIT. Would it have been so bad for Rand to say something like:

"I really wish things would of worked out for my father. There definitely seemed to be some inconsistencies and actions taken against my father's supporters. If I were in the position to have changed them - I would have. However, I am not and was not. I have made a verbal commitment to support the ticket as-is, I'm a man of my word, and I intend to follow through with what I've said. Politics is a dirty game, but hopefully, the Liberty Movement can continue to make inroads to make these ordeals more rare in the future. This will be a long fight. Liberty has not yet lost the war. This was merely a battle."

What's wrong with that? Instead, Rand found it necessary to rationalize the actions of the Establishment for the entire interview.

I read someone accurately describing the reality in another thread (paraphrasing): "Rand Paul is politician; whereas, Ron Paul is a statesman."