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Slow much?

Yeah, I'm sure he's just peachy keen with it. Do you really think no one out there can put a calm face on things and work to actually get stuff done as opposed to acting like an emotional child and throwing their work away?

What kind of child are you presupposing Rand is?

As for the Iran Sanctions thing, you don't know what you're talking about.

Rand STOPPED the sanctions from being much much worse and got them focused solely on Iran's central bank. He even got them to insert language to ensure that it couldn't be used for military authorization.

Never mind his defending private property rights. Never mind his filibustering the Patriot Act. Never mind the numerous bills he's submitted for Liberty. Never mind when he abuses Senate rules FOR US and for Liberty and gets himself in hot water. Never mind his having the best voting record in the Senate while maintaining himself as a leader to the rank and file GOP.

That all goes out the window because he doesn't throw a temper tantrum on national television? Boo hoo. Sorry Juan, but you need to wake up.

Eric Hoffer