Comment: watch the convention...

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watch the convention...

watch the face of failure!



this is their swan song and it was a miserable ending

did you see how W-I-D-E the aisles were?
because it was all paid for, "bought and paid for" elitists running the "program"...with only so many seats around those so very wide aisles...there are only just so many elitists, after all

i've seen conventions of the past swamped in seas of, they were antiseptic and, even then, corrupted

witness, the last dying stand of an old, antiquated, pompous party holding on to the last breaths of a miserable life of control, excess, and largesse

they die as a fat, arrogant ex-jockey who rode their thoroughbred horse into the ground and now beat it for the sake of its memory
they have no shame, much less, a soul

sadness...i pity them

they are a disgrace to our Nation, they are the face of our downfall

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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