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Comment: agree that Dr. Paul's campaign directors (whatever word . . .

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agree that Dr. Paul's campaign directors (whatever word . . .

is used) may have been less than competent and even naive and even easily stepped upon--

. . .

but Dr. Paul doesn't 'hang out' with the sorts of hardball players that Romney hired as his political thugs--

this is why he didn't win; he is nice--

he is nice and right--

would *we* rather he be not nice and right; well, he wouldn't be right if he were mean--

this nation is not ready for, does not want (as a majority) someone with diplomatic skills and integrity, together. Dr. Paul has had both, and so he lost--

but his message got out, and perhaps when more Americans realize that being cut-throat isn't the happy way to freedom any more than waging unconstitutional wars or redistributing wealth (so that the wealthiest win, the middle class suffers, and the poor are merely kept poor) is the path to freedom--

The United States of America is not ready for Ron Paul to be POTUS--

but many are ready for his message, and *we* will go on--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--