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His father wont let him? I

His father wont let him? I wish that were true, but its not. He is nothing like his father, he didnt even tell his parents he was gonna endorse romney until an hour before he did it. He doesnt respect his father. why you ask? his actions speak louder than words! he voted for Iran sanctions(which is an act of war)! he endorsed Romney with his father still in the race, ran away from Luke, and this interview is just horrible, because he doesnt even talk about the things that Romney did to his father. They tried to give Romney the win in Iowa, it took a RP supporter tocallout the cheating(8missing precincts, than instead of giving it to Dr Paul they give it to Rick Santorum! Rick Santorum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rand Paul is a disgrace to the Paul name in my opinion. I hope Romney wins,just2laugh in your face!

juan maldonado