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Comment: Quite right: that's the nature of that game.

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Quite right: that's the nature of that game.

The question is: do you need to play the game according to the game-runner rules?

Your freedom is not a gift from government; it's yours by moral right. Ron Paul said, "Government should NEVER be able to do anything YOU can't do." (CPAC 2011) That means the ONLY legitimate laws are those that protect your life, liberty and justly acquired property; ALL the other "laws" are tyrannical and unjust VIOLATIONS of our lives, liberties and property rights.

Voting may occasionally help slow the growth of government power and the erosion of liberty, but playing the political game at all IS like playing tegwar: there's no winning when the game-runners write their own rules, interpret their own rules and enforce their own rules. And if you threaten to oust them from their privileged position, you will be treated like Dr. Paul and his delegates -- or worse. These people have no honor, only prideful arrogance. They have no sense of fair play or justice, only a lust for power and privilege. A few of them may mean to be kindly masters, but they mean to be masters.

So what is the proper response to the tyrants? First and foremost, do not regard their commands and threats as legitimate. You may need to hand over your wallet to superior firepower now and then, but never for a second imagine that the gang named "government" has any moral legitimacy or right to rule you. Freedom begins with the moral conviction that you are free, that you life belongs to YOU -- and that the men who name themselves your masters (or "government") are nothing but a gang of thieves and murderers who fly flags outside their offices. I believe the wannabe tyrants would find it exceedingly difficult to rule over a people who largely held that viewpoint.

What to do INSTEAD of politicking? Disengage from the game. Arrange your life to minimize the assaults and extortions the gangsters can inflict on you. Associate yourself with others who share your views, and together find ways to better your lives that do not depend on the outcome of the next election. Check out Harry Browne's book "How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World" -- as well as the book in my signature line.

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